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Le Marlin Violet specialises in customise phone case and accessories. Currently, we have 95% of the phone models in the industry, including and not limited to IPhone, Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, LG, Meizu, and even the new Razer Phone. You are able to choose between our soft silicone cases or hard polycarbonate cases. Besides that, we have readily available trendy fonts for you to select if you would like a more personal touch to your phone case by adding a name.

Our competitive edge lies in that we have a wide variety of popular designs to choose from that caters to a wide demographic, not excluding any age range. The younger population might be attracted to our fashionable marble series, cutesy unicorn designs, or the kpop group series. Older age group can choose retro themes, browse the simpler gradient colour series, or send in their family photos.

As a start-up, we seek to learn and grow together as a team so if there is any feedback or suggestion, do kindly email us at thevioletmarlin@gmail.com. We also welcome idea of new series or themes that are popular as we are expanding our archived series weekly.

Enjoy dressing up your phone covers!



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