How to Customise Phone Case





As phone accessories are widely gaining popularity, today we will touch on the topic of how to customise phone case. The majority of smartphone users will own at least one phone case to protect their precious phones from wear and tear whereas young fashionistas own up to 6 phone cases for different events to suit the setting and match with their clothings.

Customise Phone Case is trending because people are able to choose the genre they would like on their phone. Pet lovers prefer displaying their beloved pets on their phone case, family-oriented people love to print collage of family photos on their customise phone case, and fans of korean idols like to create fan art wallpapers which are printable on their customise phone case.

Firstly, one may like to choose between soft silicone cover or hard polycarbonate case. A soft silicone cover is comfortable to hold and easy to fit as it moulds itself like a skin around the phone case. It covers all sides of the phone and prevents it from scratches. Silicone phone cover also has excellent grip and it is harder for the phone to slip through your hands. However, it has a tendency to attract lint and dust due to built up of static electricity and also, it might not protect against a very hard fall. A hard polycarbonate case can absorb the shock of a surface fall and graphics appear clearer on it. However, it covers the sides of the phone and top and bottom are less protected.

Secondly, to customise phone case, one can choose from our series which we group together due to consumer’s demands. We provide few hundreds of designs to choose from. Otherwise, one can send in a rectangular photo of preferably 300DPI in either JPEG or PNG format. You can even request for adding of name in different fonts and colours.

Thirdly, customise phone case requires a lead time of 6 to 9 work days. We may need to edit your photo to optimise the result and then send it for printing.

Sit back, relax, and wait for your parcel to arrive! :p

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